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Enabling Partnerships

The e-commerce value chain is unique because its components span across borders. Strong partnerships among businesses equates to higher value for the community as a whole.

You can meet our advisors on a 1-to-1 session, attend our multiple events and overseas trips, or simply have a cup of coffee with us to talk about pushing your business to the next stage. 


Every business' needs is different. What you may need is an experienced person to provide a neutral point of view and support your critical decisions. 

Call us and let us know how we may help you. 


We know our community well. Every partnership stems from a strong value proposition, we will point you towards resources most suitable for you. 

We organise events, overseas trips and training sessions to allow our community to get to know each other and acquire sufficient knowledge to deploy their resources.


The key is in creating new revenue streams is in creating new connections. It is undoubtedly essential for growth yet it is often low in priority. 

Whether it is a simple event or just a short talk, our role is to get you connected. That's what friends are for.

SCEC - join us

Join our community to grow your business

Call us to start your personal advisory service.

Annual Membership - $199

(1st-year free for online shop owners & corporate members)

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