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Enabling Consumers

The consumer has a much greater influence over the market than ever before. We focus on engaging consumers in the community to increase the adoption of e-commerce, and drives growth of the entire eco-system.

We make it easy for consumers to learn and leverage on e-commerce to improve their quality of lives. Join our activities and there will always be take-aways for you!


Not everyone is at the forefront of e-commerce. Some may have benefitted from an early start, and we get them to share their knowledge. If you own a business or simply want to save on grocery, we have programmes to cater for your needs.

Find out more about our programmes and pick one that suits you!


Everyone in the community is learning to serve their customers better. If you have ​comments on their service or products, send it to us. The community welcomes suggestions to serve you better.

Write your comment or suggestion and we will make sure you get heard.


E-commerce is a never-ending cycle of breakthroughs. To compete, business owners and sellers must acquire the most up-to-date knowledge to make critical decisions. We get the best-in-class professionals to facilitate our learning and guide our community to capitalise on the next trend. 

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