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Enabling Cross Border Businesses

New business models are born out of e-commerce every day. Technology, innovation and know-how are the seeds in creating exponential growth. The community should incubate and promote such value-creating ventures.


Cross Border E-commerce greatly enhances traditional business models with direct market reach and practical resource matching. We can help you join the dots.


Cross Border E-commerce is created out of ​collaborative effort between the governments and across logistics, manufacturing and finance sectors. Everybody benefits when products can easily sell across borders.

Leverage on our collaboration with overseas partners to expand your global presence.


Cross Border E-commerce leverages on technology to enable businesses to understand markets. With strong capability in data analytics, online platforms and new marketing methods, cross border businesses have the highest potential for growth at manageable risk.

Technological adoption is a never-ending process. We are in the process of forming a laboratory for businesses to learn and test their capability.


One of the quickest ways to convince business owners is to bring them to where the ​action is. We organise overseas trips and events where you can visit and talk to the movers and shakers. This is where you open up possibilities on how to take your business to the next stage.

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